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Madalina Mihutoiu


Hey there! I am a Romanian designer & workshop leader at Stichting de Vrolijkheid, currently based in the north of the Netherlands and armed with a BA in Illustration & Animation from the Minerva Academy in Groningen. Currently, I give creative workshops to children and the youth at the AZC Burgum. My work is humorous and rich in imaginary worlds, fantastical characters and awkward situations. I create all my textile work using a punch-needle and I draw my inspiration from cartoons and traditional Romanian masks used to ward off evil spirits. I use different mediums in my work, but my brain will instinctively translate every idea I have into textile. I am an advocate for the synergy between design and craft - at the moment, I am on a quest to find my own mixture of the two and explore the in-betweens. ✄ Illustration & frame-by-frame animation ✄ Handmade rug-making ✄ Creative coding & web-design ✄ Visual storytelling ✄ Creative workshops I made a visual novel that can be downloaded and played here:

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Beeldende kunst Tekenen / schilderen Grafiek Mode / textiel
Media Computer
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